Italy – Children

I. The Statement of Commitment

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To protect human rights, Italy undertakes to: [c]ontinue to protect, promote universal respect for, and observance of, all human rights, fundamental freedoms and non-discrimination principles, with special attention to the rights of most vulnerable groups, such as … children…

Children’s Rights

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With regard to children, the Ministries for Economics Development and Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation supported the launch in June 2015 of the UNICEF Business Lab Project. The project aimed to help companies identify risks and integrate children rights in their own due diligence and management practices. In line with this approach several actions have been foreseen such as the dissemination of the UNICEF workbook on direct and indirect impact of business activities on children under 18 (Children are everyone’s business) as well as other relevant publications (Children’s Rights in National Action Plans on Business and Human Rights, 2015; Children’s Rights in Sustainability Reporting, 2013; Children’s Rights in Impact Assessment, 2013).

Italy’s Updated NAP


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  1. Introduction of specific courses on due diligence and children rights to be included in the training programmes for officials of public administration.