B. Operational Principles

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  • Support the National Dialogue on Sustainable Finance led by the UNEP Inquiry with the Ministry of Environment, and involving major banks, insurances and institutional investors as well as their associations and policy makers.

Guiding Principle 27

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… An Italian non-judicial grievance mechanism is Banking and Financial Ombudsman (ABF) created in 2009 and active since 2010 through its Panels in Milan, Rome and Naples (panels are likely to be established soon in other major towns). In the course of its mandate the ABF has extended the concept of ‘customers’ to cover individuals affected by the action of an intermediary even if the parties were not bound by contract. ABF expanded its functions to deal also with pre-contractual obligations in order to protect individuals claiming that intermediaries violated the obligations of good faith – which bind the parties to adopt fair behavior while negotiating.

Italy’s Update NAP

Guiding Principle 27

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The Banking and Financial Ombudsman has competence over disputes between customers and banks and other financial intermediaries, concerning banking and financial transactions and services. In the course of its mandate, the use of ABF is significantly increased as an efficient instrument that contributes to reducing case backlogs on courts and fosters transparency of banking and financial relations.


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  1. In line with the best practices of ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) specialized mechanisms such as ABF, disseminate the culture of ADR through education of citizens and professional categories.