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Decree 231 of 2001 has introduced the direct liability of legal entities for specific offences (corruption, money laundering, bribery, fraud, etc.) providing for a special form of liability, which is administrative in nature but to be ascertained by a penal judge and according to criminal law procedures…

Planned Measures

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  • Strengthen the role of the legality rating -primary competence of the Italian Competition Authority –with the aim of taking it into consideration in the elaboration of the ‘rating d’impresa’-primary competence of the National Anticorruption Authority –with the aim of promoting the respect for human rights in all economic activities.

The State-Business Nexus

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…The Italian Anti-Corruption Authority (A.N.AC.) furthermore supervises and regulates the entire public procurement market in order to ensure compliance with: i) the principles of legitimacy and transparency; ii) the effective performance of contracts; iii) anti-corruption rules…

Planned Measures

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  • Strengthen the implementation of socially responsible public procurement rules by adopting a comprehensive framework of reference for bidders coordinated by A.N.AC and covering: anticorruption,…