I. Statement of Commitment

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… To protect human rights, Italy undertakes to:

  • Continue to protect, promote universal respect for, and observance of, all human rights, fundamental freedoms and non-discrimination principles, with special attention to the rights of most vulnerable groups, such as women, children, disabled, LGBTI people, migrants and asylum seekers, and persons belonging to ethnic and religious minorities.

B. Italy and the Guiding Principles

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… Situations such as the distortion of market prices due to the import/export of goods and services… or the social costs of flows of migrants recruited as illegal workers in the informal economy, have serious economic implications on labour markets and on competition. In most cases, they are leading to a ‘race to the bottom’ damaging enterprises compliant with labour standards and basic human rights and perpetuating the violation of the latter …

C. National Priorities

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The following priorities will be subject to regular review and update by the Business and Human Rights Steering Group: …

2. Tackling Caporalato (…) and other forms of exploitation, (…) with particular focus on migrants and victims of trafficking.

Irregular Work and Agricultural Sector

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The ‘National Action Plan Against Trafficking in and Serious Exploitation of Human Beings’ provides for preventive measures in countries of origin where exploitation and trafficking of migrants in irregular work mostly occurred …

Migrants Smuggling and Human Trafficking

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To increase cooperation activities of investigation, intensify financial controls on crime groups’ profits and ensure punishment for transnational organisations profiting on migrants smuggling and human trafficking in line with the Legislative Decree 24 of 2014 (transposing the  EU directive 2011/36) on February 2016, the Italian Government has adopted the National Action Plan Against Trafficking in and Serious Exploitation of Human Beings …

Planned Measures

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  • Promote the realization of interventions on immigrants’ rights protection in line with the project “villaggio solidale” (as developed in Puglia Region and coordinated by Coldiretti and Focsiv) that has led to the conclusion of regular employment contracts between agriculture industries and immigrants workers in the harvest seasons.

Planned Measures

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  • Keep adequate level of funding for legal aid and guarantee its access also to non-national and non-resident claimants, in particular irregular migrants victims of crimes perpetrated by organized criminal network, such as trafficking and smuggling and allow them to denounce crimes irrespectively of their status.

Italy’s Updated NAP


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  1. Promote the “Rete Lavoro Agricolo di Qualità” with the aim of encouraging the social responsibility of agro-food industry, also with interventions of immigrants protection and through the realisation of projects such as “Villaggio Solidale” e “Buoni e giusti”;