A. Foundational Principles

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… Italy, in line with its undertakings at International level, recognizes the need of further improvements and commits to fill the legislative gaps still existing with refer to specific human rights protection mechanisms and instruments. To this purpose, the Government will:

  • Expedite, in agreement with the Parliament, the process of establishment of an independent National Human Rights Institution in adherence with the 1993 Paris Principles and the approval of the draft law introducing the crime of torture in the Penal Code, in line with the 1984 UN Convention on the prohibition of Torture, and other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment.

Planned measures

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  • The inclusion of business-related human rights abuses in a special section among the competence of the National Human Rights Independent Institution to be established;
  • Liaise and support the many Ombudsmen active at national and local level to raise their awareness to protect individuals against human rights abuses by business’
  • The extension of the original mandate of the Financial Bank Arbitrator to include human rights-related claims of financial nature (such as mortgage and lending discrimination)