C. National Priorities

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… The following priorities will be subject to regular review and update by the Business and Human Rights Steering Group (see par.V):

1. Promoting human rights due diligence processes, aimed at identify, prevent and mitigate the potential risks, with particular focus on SMEs.

Responsible Business Conduct and OECD Due Diligence Practices

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… Since the 2011 review of the OECD Guidelines, the NCP developed tools to make international standards operational especially for SMEs such as the “Due Diligence Guidance for SMEs”5 and activities for awareness raising and pilot projects involving large companies and SMEs with the aim of spurring a proactive responsible supply chain management through training, information and assistance …

Planned Measures

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With specific regard to the “OECD Guidelies for Multinational Enterprises”, the Government is committed to: …

  • Produce effective guidance for companies (with special focus on SMEs) including at sector level and disseminate Guidance tools developed by the OECD, EU and other international organisations
  • Promote and encourage leading multi-stakeholder initiatives involving both big companies and SMEs for exchange and common action on BHR. …

Italy’s Updated NAP


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40. Encourage the Italian commitment in favour of microfinance projects that may support and enhance local entrepreneurship within the cooperation partner countries.