A. Foundational Principles

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… Italy, in line with its undertakings at International level, recognizes the need of further improvements and commits to fill the legislative gaps still existing with refer to specific human rights protection mechanisms and instruments. To this purpose, the Government will:

  • Strengthen mutual cooperation and support to… human rights defenders…in consideration of their essential role in the promotion and protection of human rights;

The State-business nexus

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…Italy has adopted the Legislative decree 19 April 2016, n.50, implementing the EU Directives, introducing a framework of a “socially responsible public procurement policy” and reputational requirements in public procurement awarding. With regard to companies directly or indirectly owned by the State, and following a joint effort with the Minister of Economy and Finance, in 2015 A.N.AC. issued guidelines on:… iii) definition of risk areas and protection of whistle-blowers;…

V. Monitoring, Update and Dissemination of the Plan

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…With the aim of guaranteeing a multi-stakeholder approach, the GLIDU (the Working Group on Business and Human Rights) will work jointly with a consultative body composed of all relevant non-institutional stakeholders (business community, trade unions, NGOs, civil society organizations, human rights defenders, individual experts and representatives from academia)…

Italy’s Updated NAP


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Ensure a safe and enabling environment for human rights defenders;


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25. Promote with the assistance of Cidu and the cooperation with the NGOs, as proposed by “Ossigeno per l’Informazione” and AGCOM training programmes on business and human rights for journalists and editors.