I. Statement of Commitment

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To protect human rights, Italy undertakes to:

  • Continue to protect, promote universal respect for, and observance of, all human rights, fundamental freedoms and non-discrimination principles, with special attention to the rights of most vulnerable groups, such as women,… LGBTI people, …
  • Encourage companies, also in view of the updating of the National Strategy for Sustainable Development, in line with the commitments undertaken with the Agenda2030 and the role that the private sector will be called to play in its implementation, to voluntarily commit themselves at national, regional and international level to prevent and redress potential human rights adverse impacts; and to realize the goal of a decent work for all, as set out in SDG 8 (decent work and economic growth); and to enhance the use of indicators of … equality and gender.

Planned Measures

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  • Encourage companies in the dissemination of anti-discrimination culture by: …  iii) increasing the awareness within the workplace on the serious issue of sexual abuse and domestic violence; iv) providing incentives for corporate training on inclusion, diversity management, gender balance and gender mainstreaming with specific focus on women empowerment and LGBTI rights.

Planned Measures

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  1. Reinforce the action of the Italian Development Cooperation towards gender equality also by supporting women economic empowerment in post conflict countries, in line with the three pillars of the United Nations (peace and security, development, human rights) and the operational and normative framework developed within the UN Security Council Resolution 1325 “Women, Peace and Security”.

Italy’s Updated NAP


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8. Promote an effective implementation of Legislative Decree n.254/2016 that transposes the EU Directive 2014/95 on disclosure of non-financial and diversity information by large enterprises and groups, also through a comparative analysis realised on a sample of enterprises and aimed at analyse the effective inclusion of the human rights dimension within the non-financial reports published by business and controlled by CONSOB, also in relation to diversity and gender.


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23. Encourage companies in the dissemination of anti-discrimination culture by
… v) put special attention to transsexual people and provide for business incentives to promote active policies which remove obstacles and support their inclusion in the job market.
24. Promote the development of monitoring activities lead by AGCOM (Agency for the guarantee in telecommunication) on gender issues in the information sector, with particular focus on journalist profession;