Ireland – Environ

Section 2. Current legislative and regulatory framework

Environment [page 14]

The government prioritises the right of citizens to enjoy a safe environment and the responsibility of businesses to comply with environmental protection legislation. Ireland has transposed key EU Directives, such as EU Directive 2004/35/EC, which deals with environmental liability with regard to the prevention and remedying of environmental damage. Consistent with the government’s priority of ensuring inclusive and open participation in policy making, Ireland has also ratified the Aarhus Convention, which is designed to promote the involvement of citizens in environmental matters and improve enforcement of environmental law.

Annex 1 – list of additional and ongoing actions to be carried out across government

Trade and Investment [page 21]

  1. Encourage Irish companies operating abroad to adopt good practice with regards to consultation with human rights defenders and civil society in local communities, particularly on environmental and labour conditions.