Annex 1 – List of additional and ongoing actions to be carried out across Government

Development Cooperation to [page 21]

“21. Support developing countries to improve their business and investment environment and continue to promote transparent, accountable and effective governance systems, rule of law, and equitable and inclusive economic growth, including transforming economic opportunities and outcomes for women and girls.”

Section 3: Actions

I. Key commitments to ensure policy coherence across Government [page 16]

“Ensure coherence between the National Plan on Corporate social Responsibility and the National Plan on Business and Human Rights, including by promoting cooperation between the Business and Human Rights implementation Working Group and the Corporate Social Responsibility Stakeholder Forum”

  • Department of Foreign affairs and trade, enterprise and innovation

The Irish NAP also provides information on due diligence (see the section on Due Diligence), and corruption (see the section on Corruption)