Foreword [page 5]

“I believe that the protection of human rights and the promotion of economic growth, trade and investment should be complementary and mutually reinforcing”

Section 3: Actions

I. Key commitments to ensure policy coherence across government [page 17]

“Ensure coherence between Ireland’s new Trading Strategy: ‘Ireland Connected: Trading and Investing in a Dynamic World’ , and the National Plan on Business and Human Rights”

  • The Departments of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Enterprise and Innovation, Education and Skills, Transport, Tourism and Sport, Community and Rural affairs, Arts, & Heritage & the Gaeltacht, Agriculture, Fisheries and Marine

Section 3: Actions

II. Initial priorities for the Business and Human Rights Implementation Group [page 18]

“vii. Promote awareness of relevant multi-stakeholder and multilateral initiatives such as the UN Global Compact, the Principles for Responsible Investment and the Children’s Rights and Business Principles among state owned or controlled companies.”

Annex 1 – List of additional and ongoing actions to be carried out across Government

EU and Multilateral Efforts [page 20]

“7. Continue to take account of the human rights elements of European Commission impact assessments when providing input in the course of Free Trade Agreement (FTA) negotiations and support the appropriate implementation of human rights clauses in FTAs as they arise in EU agreements.”

Trade and Investment [page 21]

“11. Provide information to participants in overseas trade missions led by Government representatives on human rights issues in the destination countries.

12. Ensure that State agencies and staff involved in promoting two-way trade and investment have received briefing and guidance on the purpose and implementation of the UN Guiding Principles.

13. Encourage Irish companies operating abroad to adopt good practice with regards to consultation with human rights defenders and civil society in local communities, particularly on environmental and labour conditions.

15. Provide up to date guidance on the protection of human rights defenders working in the area of business and human rights through the circulation of Human Rights Defenders Guidelines to all Embassies.

16. Provide information from Embassies, working in cooperation with state agencies as appropriate, to Irish companies on business and human rights issues in their host countries.

18. Provide advice to business enterprises of the possible risks of human rights situations when operating in conflict affected areas.

19. Ensure awareness of the International Finance Corporation (IFC) performance standards among state owned companies that invest in or manage projects, outside of OECD high income countries, which exceed the euro equivalent of US$10 million.”

Development Cooperation [page 21]

“21. Support developing countries to improve their business and investment environment and continue to promote transparent, accountable and effective governance systems, rule of law, and equitable and inclusive economic growth, including transforming economic opportunities and outcomes for women and girls.”