Section 1: International Context and Domestic Consultative Process

Other international initiatives [page 10]

“In March 2016, the Council of Europe adopted a Recommendation to assist Member States in preventing and remedying human rights violations by business enterprises. The
Recommendation elaborates on access to judicial remedy, drawing on Council of Europe expertise and legal standards and puts special emphasis on the additional protection needs of … human rights defenders.”

Section 3: Actions

II. Initial priorities for the Business and Human Rights Implementation Group [page 18]

“vi. Provide clarity to relevant stakeholders on the applicable Irish law, reporting channels and protections for whistle-blowers/protected disclosures.”

Annex 1 – List of additional and ongoing actions to be carried out across Government

Trade and Investment [page 21]

“13. Encourage Irish companies operating abroad to adopt good practice with regards to consultation with human rights defenders and civil society in local communities, particularly on environmental and labour conditions.

15. Provide up to date guidance on the protection of human rights defenders working in the area of business and human rights through the circulation of Human Rights Defenders Guidelines to all Embassies.”