Georgia – public procurement

Objective 25.2.1: Ensure contradictory mechanism of demonstrating monopoly and oligopoly at any sector and segment of market.

Objective indicators:

1) Number of projects of legislative acts elaborated with the aim to improve ”Law of Georgia on the Conflict of Interests in Public Service” and appropriate normative acts.


A. Legislative data analysis and elaborating projects of appropriate legislative acts.

Responsible agency: The office of the Business Ombudsman of Georgia, Competition Agency.

B. Initiating elaborated projects of legislative acts to the parliament and implementing them.

Responsible agency: Ministry of Economy and sustainable development of Georgia.

2) Document of conducted research; Number of recommendations; Number of elaborated legal acts projects.


A. Conducting research with the aim to define work efficiency of dispute reviewing board of State Procurement Agency.

Responsible agency: State Procurement Agency.

B. Improve regulatory legislative base of state procurement.

Responsible agency: State Procurement Agency.

Partnership agencies: Business sector; Global compact Georgia; CIDA.

Objective 25.16.1: Ensure foreseeing issues of human rights protection in state procurement process, including women strengthening principles, not only at supportive but also obligatory level and mainstream human rights based.

Objective indicator: Prepared amendments according to the finest international practice.

Activity: Seeking best international practice about human rights protection issues during state procurement process.

Responsible agency: Human Rights Secretariat of the Administration of the Government; Ministry of Economy and sustainable development of Georgia.

No partnership agency.