Georgia – Corporate law and corporate governance

Objective 25.1.1: Ensure assessment of regulative influence on the market.

Objective indicator: Existence of document assessing influence on market of concrete area before introducing every concrete regulation.


  1. Creating working group conducting analysis about the influence of regulations on market.
  2. Defining conditions and criteria of expert participation in working groups.
  3. Conducting expert activities with the side initiating communication regulatory.

Responsible agency: Government of Georgia, The office of the Business Ombudsman of Georgia.

Partnership agency: Business sector; Global compact Georgia; CIDA.

Objective 25.3.1: Analyse existing situation regarding direct and indirect state involvement and define suggestions for creating effective mechanisms with the aim to prevent discrimination.

Objective indicator: Analytical document of existing situation through experts’ involvement.


  1. Planning actions of sharing recommendations and implementing them.
  2. Implementing agreed action plan.

Responsible agency: Administration of the Government of Georgia.

No partnership agency.

Objective 25.6.1: Elaborate appropriate amendment package concerning corporate social responsibility, including women strengthening principles.

Objective indicator: Elaborated legislative amendments package.

Activity: Researching mechanism of probable promotion concerning corporate social responsibility, including the principle of strengthening women.

Responsible agency: Ministry of Economy and sustainable development of Georgia in cooperation with parliament.

No partnership agency.