Finland – Equality

Introduction [page 11]

The Finnish social contract is based on interaction and on an aspiration to consensus. The desire to include everyone is also part of the open interaction. In Finland, there has been a desire to construct a society based on equality and to develop methods and a culture is sensitive to the impact of equality and gender. Equal treatment is taken into consideration in all the legislation and preparation of the national budget, various central government programmes and projects, and personnel policies.

1. The State Obligation to Protect Human Rights [page 13]

According to the equality provision of the Constitution, no one may be treated differently based on sex, age, origin, language, religion, conviction, opinion, health, handicap or other reason related to the individual. In addition, the Constitution states that children should be treated equally as individuals and that it should be possible for them to be involved in matters relating to them in accordance with their development. The current public authority, municipality or other body exercising public authority must ensure the realisation of fundamental and human rights.