1 The state obligation to protect human rights

1.3 Activities in the EU [page 17]


“The international interest in raw materials is increasing. Whilst the materials may be used as a resource supporting development, there is also a risk of ambiguities related to the funds received from raw materials and/or the funds being used to support conflicts. The European Commission has made a proposal to establish a due diligence system for the union based on a spontaneous declaration by the responsible importers of certain minerals originating in conflict zones and high-risk areas.

The Commission proposal has taken into consideration both the OECD Guidance for mineral purchasing in conflict zones as well as the OECD and UN guidelines more generally related to responsible supply chain management. The proposal is currently being discussed on the national level. Finland actively participates in the discussion of the proposal in the Council working group.

As for the more general responsible acquisition of raw materials, the new EU accounting directive obliges companies operating in oil, gas, extractive industry and loggers of primary forests to report on the fees paid to governments in connection with the financial statement8. The directive is currently being implemented in Finland.

As a follow-up measure, the working group proposes that

Finland actively participate in the discussion of the proposal for a regulation on conflict minerals and in the discussion for the development of practices for responsible supply chains in the raw material sectors.
Principal responsible party: Ministry for Foreign Affairs, continuous activities.”

3 Expectations towards companies and support services

3.1 Clarification of due diligence [page 26]


“As a follow-up measure, the working group proposes that • companies, non-governmental organisations and other key stakeholders are invited to a roundtable discussion by branch of activity. For example, the discussion could begin with the forest industry, the consumer goods trade and the textile industry. With the discussions, an attempt shall be made to create a dialogue amongst various stakeholders and to establish the essential risks for each branch of activity as well as sufficient risk management and due diligence.”