1 The state obligation to protect human rights

1.2 Activities in international organizations [page 14]

“As a follow-up measure, the working group proposes that …

Finland participates and actively influences the work related to human rights and CSR questions that is carried out in the OECD, for instance, by being involved in drafting and updating guidelines, templates and recommendations related to the subject. Finland shall support and participate in the update of the OECD Policy Framework for Investment.”

1.3 Activities in the EU [page 18-19]


“As a follow-up measure, the working group suggests that in order to reinforce the human rights aspect in the EU trade policy:

  • Finland will support the strengthening of human rights assessments in third countries during EU trade or investment agreement negotiations and when monitoring their implementation. Finland shall make use of the human rights assessments in forming its own opinions related to trade policy positions. Finland supports that human rights will be taken in to account in the EU investment agreements or in potential new bilateral agreements made by Finland.”

3 Expectations towards companies and support services

3.5 Support for Finnish and international organisations promoting the subject [page 29]

“The OECD Policy Framework for Investment is being modernised to face the challenges of sustainable development, such as equality, CSR and human rights”