The Finnish NAP makes reference to human rights defenders in general terms. It makes no reference to whistle-blowers.

3 Expectations towards companies and support services

3.5 Support for Finnish and international organisations promoting the subject [page 28]

“Defenders of human rights, trade unions and other civil society operators can play an important role in the assessment of the impact of business activities on human rights, the availability of legal remedies and national and international discussion. Finland has a strong tradition of mutual interaction between the authorities and civil society operators. The collaboration between labour market parties is part of the Finnish social contract. Ministries support the business and human rights activities of Finnish and international non-governmental organisations in various ways.”

4 Access of victims of human rights violations to legal remedies [page 30]

“Trade unions and non-governmental organisations play an important role in securing human rights and rights at work. Finland cooperates in various ways with human rights defenders and non-governmental organisations exposing corruption. Mainly within the framework of EU cooperation, Finnish representatives are involved in the monitoring of legal processes on a case-by-case basis when monitoring is believed to have a positive impact on the protection of the rule of law.”