The Finnish NAP makes reference to the ILO core Conventions which include workers’ rights protections. There are also some direct references to workers’ rights.

1 The state obligation to protect human rights

1.3 Activities in the EU [page 18-19]


“As a follow-up measure, the working group suggests that in order to reinforce the human rights aspect in the EU trade policy:

  • Finland promotes human rights issues in the framework of bilateral and interregional trade agreements by making use of the work of the monitoring groups for sustainable development of those agreements in matters related to trade and labour rights. …
  • A report shall be made on how trade and human rights as well as trade and labour rights have been taken into consideration in the free trade agreements of the EU, the United States and some other countries (such as regulation, monitoring mechanisms, dispute settlement and implementation). Principal responsible party: Ministry for Foreign Affairs, continuous activities, report by mid-2015.”

3 Expectations towards companies and support services

3.5 Support for Finnish and international organisations promoting the subject [page 28]

“In 2014, approximately EUR 17 million were spent to support the projects of the International Labour Organisation (ILO). The projects are related to matters such as rights at work, green workplaces for the construction sector, the inclusion of women in the labour market, and decent work.”