Pillar 1: The State Duty to Protect Human Rights

Strand 1: Training in the Field of Business and Human Rights

Action Point 1.8 (page 43)

The Ministry of Mining will organise talks and/or seminars about the inclusion of human rights standards in the development of mining projects.

Strand 3: Inclusion and Non-Discrimination

Action Point 3.3 (page 48)

The Ministry of Mining will generate the conditions for transiting to an inclusive organisational structure that includes the acknowledgement of respect and diversity in their practices. They will do this carrying out the following actions:

  • Talks about business and human rights addressed at key actors in the small, medium and large-scale mining industry.
  • Through the participation in Regional Boards and in the National Board for Women and Mining, the development of an action plan will be supported to raise awareness and motivate the different public and private actors involved in the mining industry in subjects such as gender equality. Likewise, the implementation of conditions for women to stay and develop a career in the mining industry and get equal pay will be fostered, as well as the creation of good labour practices and the balance between work, family and personal life.

Strand 9: State Business Enterprises

Action Point 9.3 (page 50)

To strengthen coordination between the Ministries forming part of the Inter-Ministerial Working Group, amplify the impact of this Action Plan, and make known its progress, the Group will carry out the following actions: …

2. Encourage the adoption of policies, statements or codes of conduct by business enterprises and urge the implementation of mechanisms of due diligence.