DK – Equality

2. The State Duty to Protect Human Rights

2.3 Actions Taken

Protection of human rights in the business sphere in Danish legislation [page 12]

General Danish law contributes to fulfilling Denmark’s duty under human rights treaties to which it is a party against human rights abuses by private actors, including businesses. For example, the Danish parliamentary act prohibits differential treatment in the labour market from 1996 protecting against discrimination based on race, gender, skin colour, religion, political opinion, sexual orientation or national, social or ethnic origin. It is also an offense to refuse to serve a person on the same terms as others involved in commercial or non-profit company because of his/hers race, colour, national or ethnic origin, religion or sexual orientation. The Working Environment Act of 2005 and the Act on the Work of Young Persons from 2005 implement the EU Directive 94/33/EC from 1994 on the protection of young workers.

Appendix 2: Overview of the implementation of the access to remedy

GP 27 Access to remedy

State-based non-judicial grievance mechanisms

Status in Denmark (initiatives implemented before the UN ratification of the Guiding Principles) [page 34]

…Denmark has mechanisms for dealing with cases of race, gender, disability, age, religious discrimination in employment or services, etc.