2. The state duty to protect human rights

2.3 Actions Taken

Ensuring policy coherence across governmental departments and agencies [page 11]

“Ensuring policy coherence across governmental departments and agencies: The Government’s CSR efforts are coordinated by an inter-ministerial working group with representatives from departments and agencies who work with CSR and human rights related areas. These include Ministry of Business and Growth, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Employment, Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Finance, Ministry for Food, Agriculture and Fisheries, Ministry for Climate, Energy and Building and the Investment Fund for Developing Countries (IFU) (GP 8).”

Appendix 1, GP 8

State Duty to Protect [page 31]

“Ensuring policy coherence

States should ensure that governmental departments, agencies and other State-based institutions that shape business practices are aware of and observe the State’s human rights obligations when fulfilling their respective mandates, including by providing them with relevant information, training and support.”