The Danish NAP makes no reference to women or equality. Reference is made to gender in the following sections.

2.0 The state duty to protect human rights

2.3 Actions taken [page 12]

Protection of human rights in the business sphere in Danish legislation

“Protection of human rights in the business sphere in Danish legislation General Danish law contributes to fulfilling Denmark’s duty under human rights treaties to which it is a party against human rights abuses by private actors, including businesses. For example, the Danish parliamentary act prohibits differential treatment in the labour market from 1996 protecting against discrimination based on … gender …”

Appendix 1, GP 7

State Duty to Protect [page 30]

“Supporting business respect for human rights in conflict-affected areas.

Because the risk of gross human rights abuses is heightened in conflict-affected areas, States should help ensure that business enterprises operating in those contexts are not involved with such abuses, including by: …

b) Providing adequate assistance to business enterprises to assess and address the heightened risks of abuses, paying special attention to both gender-based and sexual violence;”