Pillar II, Scope and content of the obligation to respect human rights [page 30-31]

“What human rights? States bear liability for the full range of human rights. Businesses are required to respect those rights that could be affected by their operations, and must do so to the extent of a definite minimum, generally acknowledged fundamental standard deriving from: …

  • the International Labour Organisation’s core conventions. [the footnote states that “There are eight such “core conventions”, dealing with forced labour (the 1930 and 1957 conventions), freedom of association, the right to collective bargaining, equal remuneration, discrimination, minimum worker ages, and the eradication of child labour.”]

These rights are fleshed out in a series of other specific instruments, such as the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises.

In practice, this concerns matters such as the ban on forced labour, child labour, and life- or health-threatening working conditions, the ban on workplace discrimination, the hindrance of association and collective bargaining, etc.”

Representation in court, legal assistance [page 44-45]

This section highlights a range of associations which can represent parties in certain types of procedures, for example:

“Even today, a trade union organisation may represent its members and associations may, in the course of their activities, represent victims of discrimination or foreign nationals in labour cases. It is worth considering expanding opportunities for representation by those organisations in the future.”

Conclusion [page 54-55]

“…an informal discussion platform will be set up to deal with matters related to business and human rights. That platform will meet as required to discuss questions of immediate interest. Representatives of state administration, businesses, the non-profit sector and trade unions will be invited.

Tasks: …

  • In the performance of tasks under the Action Plan, team up with business associations (the Czech Chamber of Commerce, the Confederation of Industry, the Confederation of Employers’ and Business Associations of the Czech Republic, and industry associations), trade unions and NGOs active in corporate social responsibility, and hold dialogue with them on the further development of topics related to business and human rights.
    Coordinator: Ministry for Human Rights and all ministries concerned
    Deadline: Running”