Colombia – Small and medium enterprises (SMEs)



Strategy “Commitment for the future of Colombia” [“Compromiso por el futuro de Colombia”]

  • Job creation: the government seeks increasing employment through a strategy that combines support to Small and medium enterprises (which generate around 90% of employment in the country), acceleration of infrastructure projects, incentives to orange economy [economía naranja] projects_, development in connectivity and digital transformation and support to sector specially impacted by the pandemic such as tourism and the hotel industry.



The general objective of the National Action Plan on Business and Human Rights “Together we make it possible” [“Juntos lo Hacemos Posible”] is the following:

Guarantee that, during the situation caused by Covid-19, as well as in the economic and social reactivation phase to overcome it: the State adequately protects human rights, business activities are respectful of these rights and victims of human rights violations are allowed to have access to effective reparations. This is a fundamental basis for sustainable development and equity in the country.

Likewise, the specific objectives that will develop the general objective mentioned above are the following:


  • Encourage respect for human rights in micro, small, medium and large companies.



i. Fundamental Pillar 1: The State’s obligation to protect human rights


Strand 5 [Eje nº 5]: Articulating spaces for social dialogue and effective participation


  • The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development will implement strategies to continue to guarantee the right of association of small and medium producers and participation of farmers in public policy decisions affecting the sector.


ii. Fundamental Pillar 2: The duty of business to respect human rights


Strand 2[Eje nº 2]: Promoting corporate human rights due diligence


  • The Presidential Advisory Office for Human Rights and International Affairs, together with business associations, will be responsible for promoting responsible supply chain management in the area of human rights, with an emphasis on small and medium-sized enterprises.