The Colombian National Action Plan on Business and Human Rights [page 6]

This Plan is intended to help overcome weaknesses from the past and build stronger trust among society, business enterprises and the State. Thus, businessmen and social and union organisations are required to be willing to respect the rights of ethnic groups, women, children, adolescents, LGBTI, people with disabilities, union movements and other minorities.

The State Duty to Protect

IV. The State’s guidance towards respect for Human Rights in the business activities [page 15]

4.3 With the purpose of preventing enterprises from engaging in actions involving any kind of discrimination, the National Government will boost the knowledge transfer and the transfer of the developed tools in the context of the National Human Rights Strategy in respect of rights to equality and non-discrimination.

4.4 Within the State Policy for the LGBTI population, which the National Government is preparing, business practices respecting, recognising and appreciating this population’s diversity will be supported.

4.6 The Council to the President for Women Equality will strengthen the coordination for the application of the international standards on women’s rights, intended to guarantee such rights in the business world.