Colombia – Environment & climate change


Strategy “Commitment for the future of Colombia” [“Compromiso por el futuro de Colombia”]


  • Commitment with clean and sustainable growth: within the framework of the principle “produce conserving and conserve producing” [“producir conservando y conservar produciendo”] the roadmap in relation with sustainable growth is based in issues such as energy transition, combatting climate change effects, reforestation and access to environmental information.



i. Fundamental Pillar 1: The State’s obligation to protect human rights

Strand 5 [Eje nº 5]: Articulating spaces for social dialogue and effective participation


  • The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism [MINCIT] will arrange meetings with civil society representatives in the framework of the trade and sustainable development chapter with the European Union and the environmental chapter with the United States in the sessions of the Environmental Committee.


  • The National Environmental Licensing Authority will strengthen environmental licensing processes by incorporating actions for the prevention and positive transformation of socio-environmental conflicts and promoting spaces for citizen participation.

Strand 6 [Eje nº 6]: In areas affected by violence, provide guidance and assistance to companies in order to promote the promotion and guarantee of human rights


  • The Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development will develop tools to prevent human rights violations related to socio-environmental conflicts by strengthening Regional Environmental Dialogue Centres and providing guidance to affected communities.