Chile -PwD

Pillar 1: State duty to respect human rights

Strand 1: Training in the Field of Business and Human Rights

Action Point 1.5 [pages 31-32]

The Ministry of Social Development will:

Through the Division of Public-Private Cooperation, include the focus on business, human rights and sustainable development in training activities about Public Incentives to Benefit Social Development by means of:

  • Train public and private business enterprises to include inclusive for disabled people in inductions and training programmes.
  • Organise seminars to public services and bodies, business enterprises and the civil society to address subject concerning disability. Also, a course about Human Rights and Disability will be given at universities, and outreach actions will be carried out involving public services and bodies, business enterprises and the civil society

Strand 3: Inclusion and Non-Discrimination

Action Point 3.2 [page 37]

The Ministry of Social Development will:

Prepare, through the Division of Social Policy of the Under-Secretariat of Social Evaluation, a statistical report about the socio-economic situation of risk groups including… disabled people…, based on the Socio-Economic Qualification (SEQ) including income generated by work, capital and pensions, contained in the Household Social Register, divided by territory (regional division). This has the purpose of having available information regarding vulnerable groups within certain territory

Promote, through the National Disability Service, the labour insertion of people with disabilities by taking the following specific steps:

  • The Programme +Capaz en Línea Especializada para Personas con Discapacidad, will be executed and adapted in conjunction with the National Training and Employment Service (Sence).
  • An initiative to strengthen the work of Municipal Offices for Labour Intermediation (OMIL) will be carried out to attend people with disabilities – through a Local Development Strategy.
  • Create an Inter-Sectoral Board aimed at urging mass media, including digital media, to be accessible to people with disabilities (by using sign language, captions, making reading easier, access to information or images for people with sight disabilities.)

Strand 5: Public Contracts

Action Point 5.4 [page 44]

The Ministry of Social Development will:

The National Disability Service will review the operation of Guideline 17 about inclusive public purchases that promote equal opportunities in the public marketplace, with the purpose to improve its enforcement in line with the Guiding Principles.