Pillar 1: The State Duty to Protect Human Rights

Strand 1: Training in the Field of Business and Human Rights

Action point 1.1 (pages 29-30)

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will:

  • The General Directorate of International Economic Relations (DIRECON), will, Carry out internal actions to promote knowledge around business and human rights with the purpose that staff working in this Directorate take these criteria into account when developing their activities.
  • DIRECON will periodically report to the Trade Offices and Regional Offices of the Exports Promotion Directorate (ProChile) about business and human rights.

Pillar 2: The Corporate Responsibility to Respect Human Rights

Strand 2: Promotion of Corporate Due Diligence in the Field of Human Rights

Action Point 2.1 (pages 54-55)

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, through the General Directorate of International Economic Relations, will:

  • Promote human rights in the management of public funds to promote exports carried out by ProChile, through the progressive incorporation of analysis mechanisms helping to ensure that business enterprises having access to the tools offered by this entity respect human rights. Likewise, it will establish, if relevant, requirements about sustainability and respect for human rights, as criteria to choose the business enterprises participating in programmes to promote exports and corporate activities, including SMEs and micro SMEs.
  • Disclose to business enterprises who are members of ProChile the United Nations Guiding Principles, thus helping, in this was and as far as possible, to incorporate them in their activities. It will do this through information available in the website, talks or sets of tools to strengthen their capabilities, and/or through the publication of handbooks containing the Guiding Principles or another suitable instrument, with special focus on information and training provided to SMEs.