Action point 11

Ensure better coordination between federal and regional authorities in order to integrate criteria relating to human rights and socially responsible entrepreneurship in public aid

Assurer une meilleure coordination entre les autorités fédérales et régionales afin d’intégrer des critères relatifs aux droits de l’Homme et à l’entrepreneuriat socialement responsable dans les aides publiques

The NAP explains that Finexpo, an inter-ministerial consultative committee managed by the Administration of Foreign Affairs, studies the files of companies and/or banks requesting public support for an export credit and issues an opinion to the Council of Ministers, which takes the final decision on the granting of the aid. The NAP states that “regarding Finexpo, it will be necessary to modify the official questionnaire… in order to introduce references to the promotion of human rights, and to corporate social responsibilities that go beyond issues on the environmental impact, which are already included in the questionnaire…”

Action point 12

Pursuing Belgium’s commitment and its pioneering role in the field of human rights at the international level

Poursuivre l’engagement de la Belgique et son rôle de pionnier en matière de droits de l’Homme au niveau international

The NAP briefly mentions that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will ensure, through its various coordination mechanisms in the preparation of the positions of Belgium and EU in organizations or international assemblies, including the World Bank, to ensure that the latter take into account the respect for and promotion of human rights in the exercise of their activities.