Action point 4

Promote existing qualitative initiatives on human rights and social responsibility

Promouvoir les initiatives qualitatives existantes relatives aux droits de l’Homme et à la responsabilité sociétale

The Flemish government plans a sustained and sectoral approach to social responsibility as companies operating in the same sector face similar challenges. In consultation with the sectoral organizations, the Flemish authorities will support these organizations and their members in order to sustain their value chains and management of their businesses.

Action point 9

Strengthen collaboration between public services and the various organizations active in the field of human rights and of international entrepreneurship

Renforcer la collaboration entre les services publics et diverses organisations actives dans le domaine des droits de l’Homme et de l’entrepreneuriat international

This section mentions that the regional authorities and a number of Belgian institutions at several levels (such as Ducroire, Finexpo, the Belgian Investment Company, the Belgian Investment Company for Developing Countries, and also organizations such as the Chambers of Commerce among others) that support international entrepreneurship can also obtain information on the ground, through their members, and gain experience in the field of corporate management of human rights issues around the world. An action therefore involves the collection of information from such stakeholders.

Action point 15

Incorporate the principle of “due diligence” into the management of the company, also in the terms of human rights

Intégrer le principe de « diligence raisonnable » au sein des organismes de gestion de l’entreprise, également en matière de droits de l’Homme

This section mentions corporate governance. Concretely, the action will consist of contacting those responsible for the two Belgian corporate governance codes in order to examine the possibility of integrating international developments, in particular with regard to human rights, which will entail the attempt to minimize the administrative burden on public authorities or enterprises, but without impairing the application and implementation of ambitious criteria and controls.

Action point 29

Facilitating the circulation of knowledge in the field of human rights and CSR

Faciliter la circulation des connaissances dans le domaine des droits de l’Homme et de la RSE,

The government of Walloon will seek to encourage university networks of researchers concentrating on the topic of management of corporate socio-economic aspects on the perspective of the respect for human rights and CSR.