Action point 25

Pay particular attention to the ratification, support and promotion of a series of ILO conventions relating to the rights of women

Accorder une attention particulière à la ratification, au soutien et à la promotion d’une série de conventions de l’OIT ayant trait aux droits de la femme

This is the main action point covering the issue of women’s rights. According to the federal government, “women’s rights have not been specifically embedded in the Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights,” therefore, “he Belgian government wishes to give them a privileged place within the framework of the National Action Plan on Human Rights and Businesses acting on several tracks in parallel.” These include:

  • Ratification of ILO conventions in this field: C156 – Workers with Family Responsibilities Convention; C189 – Domestic Workers Convention.
  • Ratification of Convention No. 175 on part-time work. Standards on part-time work have become increasingly important instruments in addressing issues such as gender equality.
  • Emphasis on women’s rights in awareness-raising through the network of Belgian diplomacy
  • Systematic reference in international and bilateral fora to ratification by
    concerned parties of the Equal Remuneration Convention No. 100 and Discrimination Convention No. 111 of the ILO.

Action point 4

Promote existing qualitative initiatives on human rights and social responsibility

Promouvoir les initiatives qualitatives existantes relatives aux droits de l’Homme et à la responsabilité sociétale

In relation to the project “The Sustainable Enterprise Development Facility for Job Creation in South Africa”, the Flemish government describes one of the strategies on a meta-level being the development of a business culture amongst the youth, with a particular attention towards young women.