Mexico – Judicial remedy

Content from the BHR specific chapter in the Human Rights NAP:

Strategic priority 3.6. Promote public policies aimed at the prevention and mitigation of adverse impact caused by private, public or mixed business activities

3.6.6. Strengthen the complaint mechanisms that allow victims to report human rights infringements, corruption and malpractice in the business sector confidentially and anonymously, ensuring their protection.

3.6.10. Establish the prevention, monitoring and full reparation mechanisms in order to tackle all the negative effects caused by private and public entrepreneurial activity, with the participation of the affected individuals and communities.


Content from non-BHR specific chapters in the Human Rights NAP:

Strategic priority 1.2. Identify the causes that hinder the X of gross human rights violations in order to eliminate them

1.2.1. Consolidate and coordinate the systems, commissions and mechanisms that ensure the assistance of gross human rights victims.

1.2.2. Collaborate with the Prosecutor’s office [ Fiscalía ] on its professionalization and modernisation processes in order to ensure the access to justice of victims of human rights violations.

1.2.3. Create a group work among the CEAV, the FGR and the SEGOB aimed at ensuring the coordination, in accordance with their mandates, regarding the assistance and protection of victims and the pursuit of justice.

1.2.4. Collaborate with the Judicial Power of the Federation aimed at the strengthening of institutions and for ensuring the access to justice of victims of human rights violations.

1.2.5 Collaborate for the training on human rights matters of the personnel that works at judicial institutions.


Strategic priority 2.3. Respond to gross human rights violations, within a focalised intervention level, in order to prevent their reoccurrence 

2.3.3. Set homologated national standards through the implementation of a national remediation programme which includes both administrative and judicial procedures, prioritising restitution, rehabilitation, satisfaction and non-reoccurrence measures.


Strategic priority 3.7. Implement measures aimed at the protection of the rights of land, territory and healthy environment, prioritising the autonomy and the self-determination of communities.

3.7.8. Foster the adequate legal classification of environmental crimes, of public or private sector’s responsibility, as well as for the damage repair, with the goal of facilitating access to justice in environmental matters.