Mexico – Human rights defenders and whistle-blowers

Content from the BHR specific chapter in the Human Rights NAP:

Strategic priority 3.6. Promote public policies aimed at the prevention and mitigation of adverse impact caused by private, public or mixed business activities.

3.6.2. Promote the adoption of the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises

3.6.3 Promote the harmonization of the normative framework regulating the entrepreneurial activities of public, private and mixed businesses in accordance with the national and international human rights standards.

3.6.5. Promote human rights due diligence in order to identify, prevent, mitigate and repair the negative effects caused by business activities (private, public or mixed) and, to foster transparency and accountability in supply chain flows.



Content from non-BHR specific chapters in the Human Rights NAP:

Strategic priority 1.7. Promote the adaptation of the normative framework through the creation, modification and derogation of norms for the realisation of human rights  

1.7.2. Promote in the federal entities the harmonisation of the normative framework, in accordance with international standards, to guarantee the defence of the rights of reply, freedom of speech and media freedom, derogating criminal offences and administrative norms that restrict them.

1.7.3. Promote, within the normative framework, the incorporation of measures which guarantee professional confidentiality and security conditions when conducting journalism, in co-responsibility with public and private media.


Strategic priority 2.2. Provide victims of human rights infringements with attention, within the adequate level of intervention, in order for them to overcome their critical situation

2.2.6. Incorporate protection and attention measures within the Mechanism for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders and Journalists [ Mecanismos de Protección de Personas Defensoras de Derechos Humanos y Periodistas ] in order to prevent and mitigate the risks these professionals face with a differential focus.  


Strategic priority 2.3. Respond to gross human rights violations, within a focalised intervention level, in order to prevent their reoccurrence 

2.3.5. Develop a prevention strategy which includes risk monitoring and early warnings, in accordance with the reports on aggression patterns against human rights defenders and journalist, in coordination with federative entities.

2.3.6. Encourage businesses to implement a prevention and reporting culture concerning human trafficking practices, particularly regarding people providing touristic, transport and communication services.


Strategic priority 5.3. Draft, implement and spread human rights protocols aimed at the improvement of civil servants’ performance

5.3.5. Boost the design and implementation of specialised and homologated protocols at a federal and state level aimed at administering justice concerning crimes committed against human rights defenders and journalists.