Mexico – Gender and women’s rights

Content from non-BHR specific chapters in the Human Rights NAP:

Strategic priority 1.6. Implement actions aimed at sensitization and communication in order to spread and promote a human rights culture

1.6.5. Encourage private and public media to stop spreading content built upon gender-based stereotypes which reproduce and endure violence against women and incentivise macho culture.


Strategic priority 2.2. Provide victims of human rights infringements with attention, within the adequate level of intervention, in order for them to overcome their critical situation

2.2.9. Strengthen the quality of the healthcare services and obstetric and gynaecological care provided to women deprived of liberty.


Strategic priority 3.4. Set the conditions for the full exercise of adolescent and children’s human rights

3.4.5. Promote exclusive maternal lactation during the first six months after birth and until 2 years while encouraging improved maternal health practices.


Strategic priority 3.7. Implement measures aimed at the protection of the rights of land, territory and healthy environment, prioritising the autonomy and the self-determination of communities.

3.7.5. Foster the implementation of affirmative actions, from a gender-based and intercultural approach, aimed at facilitating access to the security of land ownership for women.


Strategic priority 5.3. Draft, implement and spread human rights protocols aimed at the improvement of civil servants’ performance

5.3.5. Promote the creation, improvement and homologation of protocols and warning systems to prevent, identify and handle discriminatory situations, persecution, violence, workplace and sexual harassment in both the private and public sectors.