Mexico – Equality & non-discrimination

Content from the BHR specific chapter in the Human Rights NAP:

Strategic priority 3.6. Promote public policies aimed at the prevention and mitigation of adverse impact caused by private, public or mixed business activities.

3.6.1. Promote and protect the human rights of historically discriminated groups or those affected in the context of entrepreneurial activities.



Content from non-BHR specific chapters in the Human Rights NAP:

Strategic priority 1.5. Promote human rights public policies to assist areas partially covered by the State

1.5.3. Foster the creation of a public policy aimed at the comprehensive assistance of older persons which promotes dignified ageing and guarantees access to employment, health, social security, education, leisure and sport activities.

Strategic priority 3.5. Implement actions aimed at the wellbeing and improvement of life conditions of older persons

3.5.2 Promote decent job opportunities to incorporate older persons in both the public and private labour markets, through activities that give worth and foster the development of their knowledge, abilities and skills.


Strategic priority 5.3. Draft, implement and spread human rights protocols aimed at the improvement of civil servants’ performance

5.3.5. Promote the creation, improvement and homologation of protocols and warning systems to prevent, identify and handle discriminatory situations, persecution, violence, workplace and sexual harassment in both the private and public sectors.