The Colombian National Action Plan on Human Rights and Business [page 7]

Sector priority. According to the diagnostic approach found in the guidelines, and the follow-up by the Ministry of the Interior to disorderly conducts, the mining-energy sector, the agro-industry and road infrastructure sectors, are to be addressed as a priority because they generate more social conflict given their effects on human rights and the environment.

The State Duty to Protect

II. The State as an economic actor [page 13]

2.6 The Ministry of Environment, jointly with the National Authority for Environmental Permits, will strengthen the existence of respect for human rights requirements regarding the Environmental Impact Assessment of companies, and the Business Social Risk Management and Human Rights Plans.

The Enterprise Duty to Respect Human Rights

VII. Corporate Human Rights due diligence [page 20]

7.8 The Task Force, advised by the Expert Commission, will encourage business enterprises to assess their risks and impacts on people and the environment as a result of their operation.