• Mining, agribusiness and road infrastructure sectors are prioritised due to their higher level of social conflict (page 7).
  • Action point 4.7 (p. 15):

 “The Ministry of Labor and the Colombian Institution for Family Welfare will strengthen actions intended to provide advice, training and monitoring to enterprises in respect of the integral protection of the children’s rights, as well as the implementation of the children’s rights and business principles in the priority sectors.”

  • Action point 5.1 (p. 16):

“The Working Group will coordinate the preparation of a guide intended to define what executing due diligence means; what the practice is, particularly applied to the high risk business activity sectors.”

  • Action point 9.3 (p. 22):

 “Increase the recognition of Corporate Social Responsibility and dissemination of good practices by establishing sector platforms for the enterprises and stakeholders to make commitments and jointly supervise progress. The Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism will supervise this process.”