• Action point 1.3 (p. 10): the Expert Committee has one elected by the confederations of workers’ unions.
  • Action point 4.3 (p. 15):

 “With the purpose of preventing enterprises from engaging in actions involving any kind of discrimination, the National Government will boost the knowledge transfer and the transfer of the developed tools in the context of the National Human Rights Strategy in respect of rights to equality and non-discrimination.”

  • Action point 4.4 (p. 15):

 “Within the State Policy for the LGBTI population, which the National Government is preparing, business practices respecting, recognizing and appreciating this population’s diversity will be supported.”

  • Action point 4.5 (p. 15):

 “The Ministry of Labor will advise the businessmen on the labor inclusion of people with disabilities and employment mediation services, in agreement with the National Public Policy on Disability and Social Inclusion.”

  • Action point 4.6 (p. 15):

 “The Council to the President for Women Equality will strengthen the coordination for the application of the international standards on women’s rights, intended to guarantee such rights in the business world.”

  • Action point 4.9 (p. 15):

 “The Ministry of Labor will strengthen actions aiming at protecting the rights to union freedom and collection negotiations.”

  • Action point 4.10:

“The Ministry of Labor will propose the inclusion of the business and human rights matter in the National Agreement Commission and in the Social Talk Plans of the Department Agreement Subcommittees.”[1]

  • Action point 6.4 (p. 18):

“The Council to the President for Human Rights, the Colombian Agency for Reintegration and the Post-Conflict Directorate will prepare a joint strategy for companies to actively promote major participation of people in the reintegration process into the business field, in the production field, and in the peacebuilding processes.”

  • Action point 7.3 (p. 19):

 “The Ministry of Labor will guarantee respect for the labor rights.”

  • Action point 11.4 (p. 24):

 “The Ministry of Labor and the Public Employment Services will continue to support the talks among workers, unions, enterprises and government for negotiation, as well as the employment mediation and agreement through the mechanisms defined for such purpose.”

[1] http://www.mintrabajo.gov.co/relaciones-laborales/comision-permanente-de-concertacion