• Action point 2.4 (p. 13):

 “The Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism and its entities will determine the requirements regarding sustainability and respect for human rights as the criteria to select the enterprises to participate in their business activity encouragement programs, including the SME and micro SME.”

  • Action point 3.1 (p. 13):

 “Within the following year of the Plan being launched, the Working Group on Business and Human Rights will find allies for the training of civil society, special protection groups and small enterprises, regarding the United Nations Guiding Principles and the international standards on human rights and business, and this Plan.” 

  • Action point 7.2 (p. 19):

 “The Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism will encourage large enterprises to foster and boost their human rights support and guidance efforts for such SME they have business relationships with.”

  • Action point 8.1 (p. 20):

The Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism will design a differentiated incentive strategy for large, medium and small enterprises with the purpose of having them to implement human rights policies involving:

  • Public commitment
  • Due diligence procedure
  • Result verification mechanism”