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Colombian NAP analysis provided by Sustentia

The plan is said to have a “differential approach” (introduction, page 6):

“Thus, businessmen and social and union organizations are required to be willing to respect the rights of ethnic groups, women, children, adolescents, LGBTI, people with disabilities, union movements and other minorities.”

Section 4 is dedicated to the role of the State in helping businesses to respect Human Rights. It contains two initiatives relating children’s rights:

“4.7 The Ministry of Labor and the Colombian Institution for Family Welfare will strengthen actions intended to provide advice, training and monitoring to enterprises in respect of the integral protection of the children’s rights, as well as the implementation of the children’s rights and business principles in the priority sectors.”

“4.8 The Ministry of Labor will strengthen actions to prevent the commercial sexual exploitation of children and adolescents, and will create strategies engaging the private sector in the actions to prevent the violation of the children’s and adolescents’ rights.”