• Action point 3.1 (p. 13):

“Within the following year of the Plan being launched, the Working Group on Business and Human Rights will find allies for the training of civil society, special protection groups and small enterprises, regarding the United Nations Guiding Principles and the international standards on human rights and business, and this Plan.”

  • Action point 3.3 (p. 14):

 “The Ministry of Internal Affairs will propose the inclusion of the business and human rights issue on the agenda of the National Committee for Human Rights Defenders, Social and Community Leaders, as well as the Regional Committees for Guarantees, with the purpose of using them as meeting spaces to settle conflicts with impacts on human rights caused by the business activity.”

  • Action point 3.5 (p. 14):

 “The Ministry of the Interior will organize actions intended to guarantee the necessary safety conditions so the leaders working on business and human rights matters might carry out their activities in proper conditions, according to the current guarantee policy for the defense of human rights.”

  • Action point 5.4 (p. 16):

 “The Council to the President for Human Rights and the Ministry of National Defense will encourage the implementation of the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights. To that end, they will alternately engage in the areas where such issue is treated.”

  • Action point 7.1 (p. 19):

 “The Working Group, advised by the Expert Committee, will encourage discussion fora to determine the best ways for enterprises to establish easy-to-access, transparent and effective complaint and claims offices or mechanisms for prevention and mitigation and remedy of adverse human rights effects as may be caused by their activities.”

  • Action point 7.6 (p. 19):

 “The Working Group will tend towards enterprises, through their complaint offices, receiving and diligently managing the citizen and community claims, as considered to be affected by the adverse effects caused by their operations.”