• Action point 1.3 (p. 10): the Expert Committee has one elected by the confederations of workers’ unions.
  • Action point 4.9 (p. 15):

“The Ministry of Labor will strengthen actions aiming at protecting the rights to union freedom and collection negotiations.”

  • Action point 4.10:

“The Ministry of Labor will propose the inclusion of the business and human rights matter in the National Agreement Commission and in the Social Talk Plans of the Department Agreement Subcommittees.”[1]

  • Action point 11.4 (p. 24):

 “The Ministry of Labor and the Public Employment Services will continue to support the talks among workers, unions, enterprises and government for negotiation, as well as the employment mediation and agreement through the mechanisms defined for such purpose.”

[1] http://www.mintrabajo.gov.co/relaciones-laborales/comision-permanente-de-concertacion