• Action point 2.1 (p. 12):

 “Within the following year of the Plan being launched, the Working Group will list the basic criteria applicable to decision making in the selection and awarding public procurement processes. They will then assess and analyze, jointly with such State entities with the highest procurement weight, the inclusion of such criteria in their awarding processes.”

  • Action point 2.2 (p. 12):

 “The Colombia Compra Eficiente agency will adjust the current public procurement system to comply with such criteria as for respect for human rights, by including them in their objectives and including measures to make sure that suppliers execute the human rights due diligence.”

  • Action point 5.2 (p. 16):

 “The State entities with the highest procurement volume will determine and implement due diligence mechanisms in their own procurement processes.”

  • Action point 7.2 (p. 19):

 “The Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism will encourage large enterprises to foster and boost their human rights support